Generic BOM and P'n'P

I would like to see support for the import of generic BOM and XYRS/P’n’P files (such as text or csv) to facilitate design tools that do not have native AISLER support.

Many design tools can produce custom files - we just need a preferred column specification from AISLER.

Hi @Andy, which tool do you use that we do not support that makes this necessary?


And, a version a good number of years old…

I see the problem. We are normally taking the approach so support design tool natively or via good integration to get your design straight from the tool to us. Thereby we ensure that all information we receive match together. We made some bad experience in the past where this was not the case.

Nevertheless, I fully understand your situation, thanks for sharing it. I do not want to promise anything, but we will definitely improve the importing, either via extended tool support or a generic production data package.