How to order PCB board with assembly?


I am new here. I want to order a PCB board with assembly. During the checkout, I am not able to select both. If I select assembly (increase the number), the number of boards become 0. Actually, I want to order 6 PCB boards, all of them being assembled. How can I place this order?
Attached image of the checkout for reference.

Hi @Chaithra welcome to the community!

You will just have to select “Amazing Assembly”, this comes with all boards assembled. Which is why you won’t need to select any additional “Beautiful Boards” (and in fact that option will be set to 0, when you select Amazing Assembly).

So if I see it correctly you can simply hit order!

Let me know if that answered your question!

Thanks Felix, that was quick and useful. I have now placed the order and look forward to the boards.

Thanks again:)

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