[ Physical Feature ] Removal or protrusions on PCB outline

All the PCBs I get from Aisler have unfinished routing protrusions around the board outline. This is a real pain for PCBs that need to fit into card guides. Every other PCB manufacturer I have used supplies the boards properly finished with a smooth edged board outline. I would like to request Aisler do the same.




Hi @ruffrecords welcome to the community.

First of all thank you for your contribution.

Due to technical reasons we have to leave the mouse bites on, however, there is a technical solution that would help in your case. Would adding documentation for that case help?

Yes, please document the solution. :slight_smile:

I find it slightly deceptive that the PCB preview suggests that there is a clean milling path on the outside without mouse bites. Your competitors seem to have no issues with them. :wink:

Hi Felix,

Yes, please document your solution. Any solution is better than none!! Can you copy solution to my email too?