Improvement for SmartQuote

Oh yeah, it’s finally here :heart:

Here are my findings for improvement:
-Adding more than one item (add PCB and stellar in one step)
-Option to change count of PCB in list
-Select PCB by repo - I have one repository for item sort - I’m more likely to order products from single repository - the list of all PCBs is very unclear!
-It would be better to use a sorted multi-level list to display the order summary. You get lost in it right away.

Welcome @Bikeprincess to our community! Thank you very much for your feedback. I moved your post here so others can see and comment as well.

I understand that with a lot of projects the drop-down can become messy. Would a grouping/sorting here help you? Could you tell a bit what you mean with sorted multi-level list for the order summary?

I think, that sorting will be better. I attach a photo of my idea. The sorting by name is the next step, because the items in the list have some random organization in my view.

With multi-level list I mean, that the item in queue will be sorted by project and project show sorted (pre-defined place) the queued items in another level. Now it’s show the items with same weight (all items are showed as same). After this improvement, I can check the queue by project name and all services required (something like project card).

Thanks for the elaboration, I will add the improvement to our development pipeline!

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